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Alphonse Elric
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Character: Alphonse Elric
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Version: Pre-movie
Age: 12 (mentally 16, but amnesiac)
Gender: Male

As a physical twelve year old, Alphonse is rather boyish and small in appearance. He stands at about 155 centimetres (5’1”) and is slim – though well built, having spent many months training, and over a year travelling, since. He is obviously healthy, and in good shape. His long, auburn hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail with a blue hair tie, and reaches his shoulders – a bit past them when loose – with his bangs parted on the left, so they fall just about his right eye, both of which are a light brown in colour.

His clothing is nearly a direct impersonation of his brother’s old style; he wears the long red coat with a black flamel (a decal of a crowned, winged serpent wrapped around a cross) on the back, over top a black, button up shirt with white trim, and a black tank top underneath. His pants are plain and black, his shoes an equally simple brown. He wears a pair of white gloves with a transmutation circle sewn onto both palms.

While Alphonse can sometimes be shy, he is actually rather friendly, and polite. He is likely to address you nicely and with a smile – one might say he even seems mature for his age…

…if it weren’t for his sometimes incredible naivety and innocence. He tends to look for the good in people, and has a fond attachment to cute things – especially cats. He does have an idea of how old he should be acting, though, and might get a bit upset or frustrated if you call him childish – though he really can’t help it, at times.

Despite actually being that way, though, Al knows how to take a situation seriously. He can get down to business and, like his brother, has a bit of a stubborn streak in him. His loyalty to his brother is in the form of a fierce determination – that has remained unwavering for nearly two years – despite the protest of friends and others he is close to – he’s not giving up.

Al is also a rather patient person – largely from dealing with someone like his brother as children, one may assume – and can keep his temper in check well, most of the time. When he is angry, though, you may want to steer clear – he’s not afraid to use force when necessary, whether it’s keeping someone in check or defending himself.

Perhaps the main reason, though, that he has retained his optimism, innocence and often childish mannerisms is simply because he has lost the memories of many major and defining events in his life…

A lot of the fears that Alphonse harbours are subconscious – spurred by memories and experiences he can’t even remember.

First and foremost, he has a fear of being alone – he is still just a kid, after all, so it is only natural – but it’s worse than most children may feel. Having spent over a year of his life searching for his brother, he has found himself frequently alone. And, while it’s not something that he can remember, he did spend several years trapped in a suit of armour, void of true human contact. As such it is only natural to long for it – and to hate being alone for extended periods of time.

Anything that creeps, crawls and has many limbs or tentacle-like appendages triggers a subconscious reaction - calling on the memories of the Gate, grabbing at his body, tearing him apart, stealing away his body for many years, buried away so near the surface. The dreadful thing even stole away his brother…

While a general sense of loss scares him, the loss of his senses terrifies him the most – being rendered unable to see, hear, smell, taste or touch would put him severely on edge, terrifying him and causing him to panic. Because of this fear he also is more afraid of the dark than most children his age, though it is still relatively mild.

Perhaps the most glaringly obvious weakness of Al’s is his childish characteristics. He is prone to acting, well, his age, at times. Easily scared and shaken up, and often far too innocent and naïve.

With his naivety comes his tendency to look for the best in everyone – despite everyone else insisting that there is none, at times. Traits like these may make him easier to manipulate.

He can also, at times, be irrational – especially when it has to do with his brother, the one he has been desperately searching for, even when others have tried to convince him not to.

Alphonse is quite smart for his age – maybe not a prodigy like his brother was, at this age, but incredibly intelligent in his own right. He is talented at alchemy, and has given himself the ability to perform it without a drawn circle – via a sewn transmutation circle on the palms of his gloves. For reasons he doesn’t quite understand, he can easily detach parts of his soul, binding them to objects to control them. Controlled objects are for a limited time, however, literally take away part of his life for the duration, and are clearly marked – via a ‘blood seal’ somewhere on them.

He also has a measure of physical strength – having never lost a fight against his brother, even as children. He trained frequently since he was a boy, and so is physically fit for his age, as well.

And despite his naivety, he is a fair judge of character, still, and still knows how to stand up for himself when it proves necessary. He will deny going with anyone he deems an untrustworthy stranger, for example. Perhaps a tribute to his innocence, kindness and love of life, Alphonse also tends to be easy to get along with, at times, and works well with people and animals alike.

Alphonse Elric was born in the small country town of Resembool, where he grew up with his mother, Trisha, and his brother, Edward. Their father, Hohenheim, unfortunately, left when Alphonse was far too young to really remember him. Their mother fought hard to take care of the boys on her own, but by the time Al was nine she had fallen deathly ill and passed away. Edward suggested bringing her back, and the two began to study – they eventually found a teacher, and trained both their minds and bodies under her. They returned home feeling confident and determined.

One stormy night they began their preparations. Edward asked if Alphonse was ready, and reassured him – “don’t be scared” – and the two steeled themselves. They placed their hands on the circle, and it began to glow, the boys grinning just as bright. But suddenly –

Suddenly Alphonse woke up. Five years later, but still ten years old.

He was in a strange, underground city, completely alone, naked, and cold on the floor of a ballroom. No sign of either family member. He tried to pull himself up, but fell, finding himself inexplicably weak, and whimpered and called out for his brother – desperate, but with no reply. He eventually just began to cry – weeping and sobbing and hoping someone would come to find him.

And eventually someone did. A woman named Rose, once his voice was hoarse and the only noise remaining to escape from him was his sniffling. The girl was confused – perhaps just as much as the boy himself – but she soon went to get help. She returned with two boys – who were just as shocked – and the younger of the two cried when he realized that Alphonse did not remember him. They got him wrapped up in some old curtains, though, and the older of the boys was more than willing to carry the young Elric up the stairs into the city above. It didn’t take them too long to convince the military that the small, snivelling boy was Alphonse, and they soon got into contact with Winry.

And still no one knew where Edward went.

Winry took good care of Alphonse while he gained back his strength, and they tried to explain to him – and to figure out for themselves – why suddenly he was so much younger than the people he had known just – to him – days before. While staying with Winry Alphonse gained both a fierce determination to find his brother, and the prized red jacket he now wears at all times.

And soon everyone began to grudgingly accept that Edward was gone.

Everyone, that is, except for Alphonse. He convinced Izumi – his old teacher – to take him in once more, and to teach him further. He would find his brother. No matter what.

And so he began to look for his brother – he grew out his hair, and matched his outfit to what he saw Edward wearing in any photos from the past few years. To give him strength, to make him feel closer to his brother, and…and people thinking he was Edward and helping him and giving him leads never hurt, either.

One day, though, after he had been searching for days, with no leads, towns and a limited amount of food or water…he was exhausted – weak, and so he couldn’t help it when he tripped over his own two feet, and began to fall

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