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A couple of things/issues.

First of all, I am getting the best thing out of the way:


That's right, guys. Dollsy is now two. As of like two hours ago. Man, I actually... cannot believe it's been that long, even. It feels like the last year or so flew by. PERMISSION TO NOSTALGIA IN THIS POST IS GO.

To be a bit more serious, though, I want to touch on a few things. First of all... we've been slower than normal. No, I will never expect overflow of activity from you guys - being casual is part of who we are as a community - but I just feel like... there hasn't been much going on lately. This includes from plot, however, so I don't blame you guys. I also feel we've been... less of a community lately.

So one of the first things I'd like to do is extend an invitation to all players, new and old alike, to once again come into dollsyooc on AIM. If you don't have AIM, and don't know how to use it or online messengers, feel free to message me and I'll help you out. If you'd rather not? Then I fully encourage you to simply PM other players. In general, I just want to encourage communication, and us all hanging out again. It's always been part of what makes Dollsy great.

And guys? I know I've been flaky myself. A lot lately, actually. As a mod and a player-- there's no excuse for that, really. Unfortunately, I also have to call a hiatus. I'm leaving for a cottage tomorrow morning, and not coming back for a few days. When I do, I'll be trying to sort a lot of things out, catching up on the last of my outstanding tags, and I'll probably be dropping a character or two to help with my own activity in general. I have to go to school soon, and I don't know how that'll affect my ability to RP-- but I plan to dedicate as much time as possible to you guys, okay? I don't want to let you guys down.

So finally, I just want to open this post up for feedback, discussion, suggestions, whatever. There is also always the mod post here.

tl;dr I am sorry I suck so much, but I still love you and I want to make things better.

Happy birthday, Dolls, and good night. ♥♥
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This is what we normally have.
This side is what it'd look like changed.
This is what we have normally! Personally I prefer this side! Though that side over there? -->
Guess it's not so bad. :c
So this is the terrible white font of DOOM. Which is actually only somewhat doom-ish.